Jessica Lin Social Network

Welcome to my JessicaLin69 Blog. My name is Jessica Lin, born in June 9th live in Canada. A Part-time Model who is interested in Forex Trading. My Hobby is Watching tv, reading, writing…etc. (just like a normal girl)

This Blog is just like my Main Blog collection all of my Social Network information. I hope you are enjoying to join one (all ^^) of my social network!

Here are my list of social network. hope to become my family ^^

Jessica Lin Facebook – One of the most Important Social Network I will always use

JessicaLin TwitterFollow Me ^^ for my update information.

Jessicalinblog69 Blogger – This is another popular blog other than wordpress. I will write all the blog post on this blog


Blog Writing Club

I just Create a Blog writing club. This club is for people who like Blog writing. Basically, this is a blog posting link sharing. The member (including me) have to leave comment on every blog post link we provide.

For more information Please read Blog Writing Club Instruction




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