Blog Writing Club

Welcome to Blog Writing Club!

The purpose to Blog Writing Club is to let our member share each other Blog Writing Post in the Club. Unfortunately, you are not going to write your post on your own blog.  The benefit of Joining our Club is you are only can share your writing post to other member, but also you can EARN PROFIT on each of the Blog writing Club member visiting your writing.

*Those Blog Community that I recommend are using CPM rate (Cost per impress). You will make money when people visit your blog post. That’s why the more member we gather, the more profit we will earn*

Join the Blog Writing Community

Here are the Blog Writing Community. Register and become a membership.


You need to post your Blog writing to Triond First because Triond expect a original content. After you make your post, you can copy your original blog writing to Bukisa and Gather.



2. Writing anything you like by more than 250 words. I suggest you write it on  a Microsoft document or Google Doc first.

3. Copy your writing to Triond first. After Triond is approved, post it on Buskia and

4. Blog Writing Club is from, so you need to resigster or log in your E-mail me after you have account. I will add you to the Club. After you join our Blog writing Club, you can post your “Blog Post Link“.  Then we (member) can look at your blog post.

You will see the example on Blog writing Club.

I have write a blog post call ” Easy way to maximize your profit by writing article” (click the link and you will see one of my member have leave a comment)

Click the link on the Blog Writing Club and leave comment.

If one of the member provide a Blog post link on the Club, you need to click the link and leave comment on their blog post.

In other words, each of the member have to leave comment on different member blog post

However, you need to write at lease one sentence on the  comment. “Thanks” “Good”  is not a good  enough.


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